Cheaper is NOT always better

When you call around asking for a price for something that you want to buy, there are more important factors than price!

Company – are they licensed?  We are #782405.  There is a tremendous amount of support that the Contractor’s State License Board gives to clients.  Mainly redress.  Never, ever, ever go with an unlicensed company.  We fix so much bad work in a week with recalcitrant clients who swear they’ll never go to anyone else after we bail them out.  I’m always a little surprised at how greedy people get; to save a couple of dollars they get a sub standard product and installation that we either have to come and fix now, or we’ll be replacing that set up in a very few years.  We’re doing that for someone now was I write this and thought it might make a valuable blog contribution.  A good company has a moral center that you will discover should things go south.  They can answer any question about garage doors and speak in an honest, thoughtful way.  Stick with a company like that.

Product – A lot of companies sell super cheap products for an outrageously high mark up.  Make sure your company knows their details on any products that they are talking with you about.  You should do a little research yourself.  On garage door motors, ask what is the voltage, horsepower, model number, warranty and expected life.  Develop a series of good questions, then call around for answers.  The company that gives you the most information, is one you should consider.

Technician –  This component is the one that is absolutely the most important.  Would you rather have a technician who’s been doing this 1 year or a technician that’s been doing it for 30.  I’ll take the 30 every time.  There is SUCH a difference, knowing that the installation also affects the life of the opener.  Get a good tech!

Get a good company, choose a good product, get a good tech and you’ll spend MUCH less and enjoy your garage much more.!

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