Garage Door Drive Options

Garage door motors come in 4 different drive options, each with something to offer.

First, there’s the Jackshaft.  This motor is hung in the front and attaches to the torsion tube so there’s no rail and motor head in the way.  The horsepower is the same as the other two we’ll be discussing, the big difference is visual cleanliness and mechanical operation.  This unit is $799 installed with a one year labor warranty.

Second, there’s a belt drive.  This drive is very quiet and sleek.  Many clients prefer the belt and there are very few problems with it.  $599

Third, There’s a chain drive.  This drive is optimal for heavy garage doors.  It, too, is very quiet but the chain is a beast.  We heartily recommend it.  $599

Fourth, there’s a screw drive.  This drive is the loudest of all of the options but necessary for particular types of door.  First, one piece doors need screw rives 100% of the time for the quietest operation. $550.  We also use these when we have to shorten the length of the rail to fit the opener in.

The pricing is effective for today but certainly will change.  Call us for pricing and installation!