Garage Door Motors From a Dealer’s Perspective

A garage door motor is the electrical unit that lifts and lowers the garage door. There are many different brands and models.  Our take is not only what is advertised by the manufacturer, but how many warranties will those units have.  How will the company support their own units?  These answers only come with time and investment and good tracking, which we do.

Liftmaster – they have been a good line for many years.  We are now working our way out of their units due to excessive warranties that frustrate the consumer and frustrate us.  Their lack of competent technical support is frustrating because they, as a multi million dollar company, don’t invest in the people (garage door companies, their own customer service agents and clients) who support their products.  This mentality leaves everybody hanging.  We have brought our concerns to Liftmaster and they have denied that they have a problem.  Finally, 2 years after we’ve been complaining, and documented dozens of warranties, we find that they DO admit they have a problem.  They were ridiculously slow to make changes and clients and dealers paid the price.  To me, this is immoral, that is to say, making sales when you knowingly harm a significant percentage of the buyers of your product.  Currently, we do NOT RECOMMEND Liftmasters, especially their 8500W Jackshafts.

Genie – In the 90’s I was selling Genie exclusively.  Their brand name was gold and clients resonated with it.  Then the problems began on many of their units.  They had the same response as Liftmaster and it was just not worth selling them.  I ignored them for 15 years.  Many dealers turned away from Genie and moved into Liftmaster.  LM was great for many years, unfortunately, they are not any longer.  Genie is BACK!  The CEO of Genie came to me to talk about his new units the 3120HB three years ago and we’ve been selling them ever since.  Now they have a Jackshaft (Model 6170) that beats Liftmaster’s in reliability and strength.  Amazingly, we have had no manufacturer warranties because these units work like a dream.  It’s such a good feeling to know that what you are installing for the customer will last and operate very well.  This is what we seek, to give you the best experience possible.