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Garage Door Motor/Opener Vocabulary:

Opener – the motor that is hanging from your ceiling and the rail that is attached is the OPENER

Remote – the little handheld unit that activates the motor.  Often called opener but it’s a REMOTE. 

Wall Button – this is wired from the opener unit to the button.  There is only one wall button.

Keyless Entry – This is also known as a wireless KEYPAD (even though there is no key) Clients often refer to this when they say wall button.  This is a little 3*7 sized gray object that is usually mounted on the outside on the side of the garage door jamb. It is important to know the distinction of the wall button and key entry as they provide different functions and it can be confusing for the listener when you say wall button and mean keypad.

IRs – Infrared safety system –  These are the smaller eyes that are mounted on brackets on the left and right side of the door toward the bottom.  There is a sending eye and a receiving eye.  If your receiving eye gets direct sunlight, you might have problems closing the door in the mornings.  Just move it further to the side and out of the sun’s way.  These are responsible for most of the trouble people have closing their garage doors with their remotes.   You can always close the door by pressing and holding the wall button or the keyless entry: hold steady until the door has closed.  Check alignment by making sure that one IR is pointed directly at another.  Also, watch out for brooms, they frequently knock Irs out of alignment causing the door to not respond to a closing instruction.

It is SO VERY HELPFUL to speak the same language when we’re talking about your garage door motor.  The better your information to me, the better I can give you a very good idea of the cost to repair.

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