Garage motors: Liftmaster vs. Genie

I’ve been doing this for 30 years and the award for best garage Door Company right now, belongs to Genie. In the 2000s Genies had all kinds of problems and terrible service. We’d be in a garage calling for technical support and they would put us on hold for 30 minutes. In a day where one person has 7 calls, that’s a huge delay. We had problems with ALL of their units. NOW, in 2021, Liftmaster is having those kinds of problems. We simply can not afford to support Liftmaster. We made the shift back to Genies 4 years ago and have been completely impressed by Genie Co’s customer service and quality units. Having a call back on a unit you just installed is a frustrating experience, especially for the customer. In effect, WE are carrying the weight of the choice to go with Genie. If the unit fails, it’s US to comes out to fix it. Before I switched BACK to Genie from Liftmaster, we had a pallet of 32 motors and every single one was trouble. It turned into 32 call backs! That’s when we decided to give Genie a try again. We’re so glad we did.

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