High Cycled Torsion springs!

Torsion springs!  At $399 per visit, we’re one of the best deals in town.  But we could be better!  A torsion spring normally is good for approximately 10k cycles.  A cycle is a lift and a drop.  We find, on average that they last about 10 years.  Some clients have theirs fail in only 4 or 5 years.  This is because they use their doors more than average.  A torsion spring carries the weight of the door when it is properly balanced.  It crucial to the long-term life of the door.  When it is not balanced, the opener is carrying more weight than it should, shortening its life.  Most clients don’t know that they can high cycle their springs. so that for $550 you can have a 20-25k cycle spring.  Doing this saves you a ton of money in the future.  It is possible to get 50k springs (like I have) for $750.  Investing this way saves you HUNDREDS of future dollars.  Spend a little more and SAVE a LOT more!