How to Buy a New Garage Door


No one can help you determine your budget.  You have to think about how much you want to spend.  We talk doors based on the budget.  There are quite literally hundreds of garage doors that we can discuss but we need to keep the conversation focused, so you’ll need to have an idea of what you want to spend so we know where to begin.


WOOD: The most flexible designs come from wood, paint grade or stain grade, begins in the $4500 price point and can go up significantly from there.  These are always the doors that people want until they understand fully the cost.

STEEL;  Is durable, moderately priced and has dozens of design and insulation options.  Steel doors are rated according to thickness.  24 gauge is best.  These doors run from $800 to $4200, depending on the design style.

ALUMINUM & GLASS  There are surprisingly multiple design options in this category.  In most cases, think LOTS OF LIGHT in the garage.  These doors are $4,000 and up

FIBERGLASS These doors are super hard, don’t rust and are incredible for the beach community.  They come pre stained with a variety of designs.  Expect to pay $10,000 or above.

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