How to buy the BEST Garage Door Motor for YOU!

1)  Warranty – what is it?

2)  Brand

     Right now, Liftmaster is having problems with their units.  They deny it, but we have actually spoken to LM reps who admit this is a problem.  Liftmaster to warranty issues is like Trump regarding Covid 19: Denial, denial, denial.  We stopped selling them a couple of months ago and hear that our peers are having the same issues we were.  Right now, you can’t beat Genie for reliability and strength.  Choose Genie.  If you decide to go with Liftmaster anyway, we warned you.  Smaller brands are tough for some technicians.  When you buy them, not everyone knows how to fix them.  A technician who doesn’t know how to fix your motor will try to sell you a new one.  This happens every day.  Choose a motor that is well known and easily fixed.

3) DC motors are MUCH quieter than A/C motors.  Buy DC motors when you can.  They are lighter, stronger and quieter than any AC Motor.  Choose the right motor.

4) Chain, screw or belt?  The belt is quiet, but the chain only a tiny bit less so.  Chains last longer and are used when you want maximum torque.  Buy a chain, belts break and screws are incredibly noisy.  There are only two circumstances where you need a screw, and when you need it nothing else will do, this is why they are still made.  Most people don’t want a screw, people only buy them when they must.

5)  Voltage – this is the heart of the matter.  12v is not as good as 24 volt which is not as good as 140 volt.  Genie carries only 24 and 140 Volt, the strongest in the industry!

6)  Buy from a reputable dealer and ask what their warranty is!

Good luck and we wish you a successful purchase (call us!)!!!