How to get the most out of your garage door company

How to get the most out of your garage door company.  To get the best information, you have to give the best information.  First,, for new doors, know your budget.  We respect it.  There are quite literally thousands of garage doors that are available.  We need you to help us help you by telling us what your parameters are.  We also need to know if it’s a one car or two car garage, or aka a single and double garage door.  We need to know the size of the opening.  We will go out to get our measurements when we have decided on a door and agreed upon the price.  You need to think about the materials: aluminum & Glass, brushed aluminum, steel, fiberglass, etc.  For some reason, it is very common for people to call a steel door “aluminum”.  It is not.  It is steel which is much harder and durable than aluminum in this context.  Our website is, take a look in our gallery and see what you like.  Call us and we will give you ballpark pricing.  When you call and are ready, we can be very responsive and helpful.

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