How to select best garage door opener

Garage doors and openers are not usually bought at the same time!  Most of the time when people are asking for a garage door quote, that’s what we give them!  A garage DOOR quote.  On all new door quotes, we have to ask whether or not your garage door motor/opener has a battery backup.  If not, you’ll need a new motor when you buy a new garage door.  The law was changed in July 2019 and now ALL openers/motors that are connected to a new door MUST have a battery backup.  We don’t cheat or circumvent the law, we follow it.  The new motors have developed technologically so that they are the best they’ve ever been.  WIFI, so you can open the door from an ap from anywhere in the world.  Battery backup, so when we have that next earthquake, you can get out of your garage.  So many people who own garage door openers do not know how to put them on manual and get out of the garage.  This is what happened to people in the fires up north.  We make a point to show you how to get out on each and every call that we make.  Unfortunately, all household people aren’t there and frequently the information doesn’t get passed on, having catastrophic consequences in a real emergency.  The battery will get you out.  Whomever is pressing that button.  It’s a good, lifesaving law.

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