How we’re handling COVID 19

We are shut ins, like so many in the USA.  We were lucky to find out that we were an exempt business and could keep our people on the payroll.   We are sticklers for how we handle our client’s and how they handle us.  First, masks all the way around.  If you don’t have a mask on, you must stay at least 8′ from us.  We always have our masks on (in your garage) and we maintain a 6′ distance.  It has been completely surprising how often we have to ask people to back up.  As much as we try to mitigate the impact of  this SARS 2 virus, our clients have to understand that risk travels both ways.  We appreciate and respect the contact suggestions and respect them for both you and our employees.  This can be a very deadly virus and we ALL want to be safe.  We’re grateful as a business to be able to help, however, we want everyone involved to stay healthy.  God bless us all and we must all wash our hands!!!