Our Telephones Priority

So many companies have given up completely on having a goal of having enough employees to answer the phones.  Hold times are extraordinary and (surprise!) people are willing to wait.  No complaints, no outrage, just acceptance.  Why is this ?!  Why is no one outraged?  Where’s a movement calling upon companies to support their products without your having to wait 2 hours?  Companies are making more than they ever have and service is absolutely the worst since I can remember.  Where are the consumer advocates?!

I make it a point to answer our phones in person during business hours.  It surprises me how many people are not prepared to talk with someone when they dial.  It’s as though we caught them off guard by answering the phones.  My! How things have changed.  30 years ago when I started my business and came from a large corporation where answering the phones was a top priority.  I embraced their philosophy and now, it’s not a priority for anyone (except us).

Call a company who is grateful for your efforts and who rewards it!  Call Dyer’s Garage Doors!!