Quality Of Workmanship

When I hire a general contractor, I go to cslb.ca.gov to see that they are licensed and carry worker’s compensation insurance, a big deal to me. Yet, when the job begins, a bunch of people who can’t speak or understand English show up. I’m paying full price because I want and expect a high level of ability, and he’s skimping. I resent it. When there’s a problem on the job site, the worker’s lack of communication skills require me to call the contractor directly and explain to him what is happening on his job site! The worker doesn’t have a clue. I feel less than confident in the contractor and not at all in the worker. This exact scenario happens on every job site I go to. 

I’m a contractor. I am licensed and pay worker’s compensation insurance. When there is a problem in your garage, the expert problem solver is the person doing the work. My people in the field ARE Dyer’s Garage Doors. They have all been working exclusively in garage doors for more than a decade (with me) and years before me. We are so confident in our ability that our policy is, “You pay only when you are happy.” It is our job to make sure that you are happy.

Oddly, I find that having a well paid technical expert taking care of clients actually saves you money. We replace very few motor units that we are called upon to repair. Why? Because we actually know how to repair them. When you get an uneducated technician, they automatically tell you that your unit needs to be replaced. They go for the big fix because they don’t know how to handle the little ones. That’s easier for them, they make more money. You don’t know, so you get a new one. We often repair problems for $159 when clients were quoted over $400 for the same repair. Go with the experts, you’ll get it done right and save more in the long run. Check us out on Yelp, Google & Angie’s List. You’ll see consistently high reviews from each of them. Call us today!