ROI: Return on investment

The 2nd most impactful and profitable change to your home is a good quality garage door!  The first is the entry door, the second is the garage door.  What people see when they drive up to your home is your garage door and entry.  These two things make a lasting impression.  Want your house to sell?  Put a nice, new garage door on it!  Want your house to instantly go up in value?  Put on a new garage door!

The ROI on a mid to higher priced door is $119%.  These numbers are for the kinds of doors that are a cut above.  Steel doors with overlays, wood doors, aluminum and glass doors.  These doors come in different colors, wood like steel, custom wood – different woods (Ipe, hemlock, redwood, cedar, etc.).  All of these are mentioned in our website:  Go to our gallery and take a look.  Different doors are different prices with different options.  Size matters.  You should know what size your door/s are.  If you give us good information, we can give you pricing for the door you are interested in.

In California, effective July 2019, all new garage doors MUST be attached to an opener with a battery back up.  Write down your brand and model number and we’ll tell you if it can be used.