Shortages and Price Increases!

For the first time in my life of Dyer’s Garage Doors, many materials are not available.  Custom and off the shelf doors can take up to four months!  Torsion springs are not to be found.  No one is giving ETAs that are reliable.  It’s a tough time to be a consumer and an operator in our industry.  Here’s the message: act now.  Supplies are limited.  Be prepared to wait.  If you have an emergency, we can help you get out of the garage.  If you need parts, there could be a delay resulting in two trips.  Of course, it depends on the part.  Call us and we’ll do all that can be done.  However, parts MIGHT be an issue.  We have had SUBSTANTIAL price increases (up to 26%) and are marking our door pricing to reflect that.  “WE” means us and every single garage door company out there.  We are all swimming in these treacherous waters together.  I don’t believe pricing will come down, I’ve never seen that in my 30 years as a Garage Door Company owner.  Our industry has jumped into a new price point.  It’s a shock to us as well.  There is so much demand right now, it seems as though they are responding by increasing pricing to slow demand (or to take advantage of it!).  Either way, it’s not good news.  The price increases are a high percentage, but not high dollar.  A new standard door is $200 more than it was.  Service calls are $20 more than they were.  Please call us if you need us and we’ll do our best for you!