Small Companies vs Big Box Stores

When choosing your garage door, you have a variety of buying choices. Not just in model or brand, but in large vs. small company. As a garage door insider, I know that some of you choose the big box stores. I suggest you don’t, especially since there are so many advantages when you deal with a reputable small company. 

Customer service from a small company is a primary advantage. For example, we have a policy that we don’t take a cent until the job is complete and you’re happy (with the exception of custom door orders, where we do take a deposit). This policy ensures that things are done to YOUR satisfaction. The big boxes don’t have that kind of policy. We’re confident in ourselves and in our product. When you call a small company, you don’t get a phone tree, you get a knowledgeable person greeting you. Use a company that has been in the garage door business for decades. No clerks or trainees there. Every person who answers the phone in a small company understands what is going on with your job. Just try to get that kind of customer service at a big box. You can’t. Check reviews. Small companies work VERY hard to have happy customers. We can’t just churn through customers, each one is important to us. A well run small company has diverse, deep knowledge in our industry. They choose from many different brands and models to help you find the garage door that is right for YOU. A big box clerk definitely can not do that. 

When choosing any garage door company the first thing is to determine that the company is reputable, big boxes and otherwise. First, is the company that is doing the work adequately licensed and insured? Check with to check license and insurance information. Second, make sure the estimate paperwork has the brand, model, size, price and company name, address and license number. I am surprised at how often I see contracts that are incomplete and illegal from all sources. Third, read reviews. Go online and check them out. This is where small companies like mine shine. 

The next time you need a garage door company, choose a local, well run company, you’ll have a better experience in the short and long term.

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    Request a ServiceServing customers with honesty and integrity since 1969