It takes about 5 years of concentrated effort and training to get a good technician into the field.  A good, well trained technician will usually be able to fix the problem that you are having.  An industry young tech will not know how to fix it and frequently recommend a new motor when the old one can be fixed.  You, the client, really won’t know.  It is worth having a seasoned technician on the job.  Having one saves you money because he knows how to diagnose and repair the problem he was called upon to fix.  Surprisingly, this is not common, especially among the larger, mega garage door companies.  Another important thing to consider is ethics.  Is the tech paid to up charge?  Ours are not and that is reflected in your bill.  The other guys average $600+ per ticket, we average $250.  That’s a huge difference.  That is not to say that we don’t have tickets over $600, we do, but for work that was extensive not as a matter of daily course.  Our techs each have more than 25 years on the job, mostly with us.  We value ability and knowledge and so should you.