Tips to Choose a Trusted Garage Door Company

Boom!  A very loud snapping sound is usually the torsion spring breaking.  This is a VERY dangerous experience and DEFINITELY do not attempt to fix this by yourself.  The torsion spring carries the entire weight of the door.  As time passes, these springs slowly loose spring tension and the door gets heavier.  In a service call, one of the things we do is adjust the spring tension so that the weight of the door is carried by the spring.  This is important to do periodically during the life of the door to lengthen the opener’s life.  When the springs slow down, the extra weight is carried by the motor.  When the spring snaps, the entire weight previously carried by the spring is transferred to the door.  That spring carries at least 150-300 pounds of tension.  DO NOT FIX YOURSELF.  Call a licensed professional.  To check licenses, go to