Top 4 Different Types of Ideal Garage Door Materials To Choose!

When you plan to buy or replace your garage door, think about the style of your

house and consider a door that compliments your unique architectural style.  High end garage doors have an ROI (return on investment) of 120%.  That is one of the MOST financially impactful things you can do to your home.  The entry door is another.  Some home design styles are Spanish, traditional, contemporary, craftsman, castle, or Mediterranean. There are many garage door styles that compliment each architectural style.  We encourage you to call us and find your style!

Garage door materials to consider are:

1. Aluminum

Aluminum doors are most commonly used with glass.  Smooth, flush brushed aluminum doors are also an option: they look just like stainless steel garage doors.  Aluminum and glass garage doors are so popular now.  They are weather and rust-resistant, making them highly durable. These doors are very durable, dependable and gorgeous.  Fire departments and millions of businesses use these doors.  They have been modified for the consumer so there are more design, color and glass options.  Now consumers are buying more of these than businesses!

2. Wood

The most beautiful and versatile door material used for garage doors is wood.  Wood is incredible.  Consider some of the woods mentioned: Hemlock, Cedar, Redwood, Mahogany, Ipe, etc.  We can do a door in almost any material or design.  There are an unlimited number of design styles to choose from and we have an excellent number to begin your search, look at our site:  and get into the gallery to see hundreds of doors for your consideration. 

3. Steel

Steel garage doors are the most common option for garage door replacement.  They are versatile and come in different styles, colors, and finishes. These are generally the lightest doors available.  They can also be very high end and many are designed to mimic wood doors and finishes and are non discernable to the eye.  I was riding with a client who mocked steel doors and insisted that we get in my truck to see the “ideal door” that she wanted.  It was a wood-like steel door!  They are really spectacular to see.  Steel doors, like wood doors, have hundreds of design options: stamped, overlays, flush, smooth flush.  In CA black is trending.  These doors are also available in black and charcoal.

4. Fiberglass

Fiberglass doors are generally more expensive than wood.  They are SUPER hard and do not rust, making them excellent for coastal areas and for kids who play hand ball.  However, we sell them inland for people who want a low maintenance, pre finished, super strong garage door.  Expect to be in the 8-10K range for these doors.

5. Insulation

There are two types of insulation: polystyrene (lower insulation values) and polyurethane (higher insulation values).   Insulation in California is still a good idea IF: 1) You don’t have a water heater in the garage (if you DO then you have vents in the walls which negates the insulative value of insulation).  2) If you are south or west facing  3) If the rest of the garage is insulated) Insulation GREATLY reduces the sound of the door moving  5) Insulation LOOKS fantastic.  The finish of the back is beautiful.