Top 5 Reasons That Can Lead To Damage In Garage Doors!

Most homes come with a garage. It is a secure place for the car, for storage, etc. The garage door is the largest moving part of a house. Sadly, it is the least maintained. It is used often by family members all through the day and at times at night. Most of us do not notice the several parts of the garage door.

Habitually for months together, we use the garage till one day some part stops functioning and our safety from intruders and animals is at stake. It happens due to various reasons listed below:

  • Constant use
  • Climatic conditions
  • Wear and tear
  • Infrequent garage door inspection

As an owner, you missed out on the regular maintenance of the garage door. Alternately to save up some money, you do the maintenance yourself and mess up the parts making it bad to worse.

Call in a Specialist!

The garage door is a mechanical structure. There are things that cause the garage door breakdown. Call the garage door specialist to inspect the garage at least twice a year.  He will inspect the following parts:

  • Broken hinges and cables-seldom hinges rapture
  • Noisy garage door hinges
  • Off-track door
  • Malfunctioning of electric circuit
  • Gears and pulley get worn out
  • Motor, as well as springs, get damaged
  • Door panel gets damaged

The specialist will set the garage door all right after an inspection.

Garage Door Tight Spot!

  1. The spring breakage: The garage door opener is equipped with two springs that aid heavy lifting when the door is opened. There lifting capacity is chalked out by manufacturers, and once that gets over, its functionality may get reduced. These springs break with a booming sound. Without spring, the door opener functionality will get affected. The spring’s life is a decade; however, if unevenly tensioned, its life gets reduced. It is easy to replace the spring.
  2. Break-in cable: The lifting cables of garage door or wire rope become brittle with the passage of time.  The unwind process starts and it may snap.  Replace it in pairs to make sure they have a similar length. Inspect the cables frequently for any sign of decay or damage.
  3. Worn Rollers: Rollers aid the garage door to glide smoothly up and down the track. Inspect the rollers in the fresh garage doors. If it is of inferior quality, get them changed to premium quality. This will add years to the rollers.  Moreover, the drag on them will be reduced when the garage door is in operation. Damage on the rollers, the door can get stuck.  Act in time. 
  4. Hardware wears out: Included in the hardware are hinges, bolts, bearings and sheaves. If not kept lubricated, the metal contact can cut through the shaft as well as cables. It can also get rusty.  If well maintained, it will last long years.
  5. Garage door opener damaged: Over the years, they wear out. Openers perform do a lot of work efficiently.

A functioning garage door is very vital for the safety of the house. Several things like dents due to cars, garage track issues, and the brittle foundation is included in this.  Garage inspection is the answer to this problem.

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