Torsion spring primer

Torsion springs are made and engineered for your door by the manufacturers.  When we replace a broken spring, we replace them according to the original manufacturer’s specs. They are engineered to last 10,000 cycles.  A cycle is a lift and a drop.  If you open and close your door several times per day, your springs won’t last as long as a person who uses the door less.  Many two car garage doors have just one spring, so when it breaks, you can’t get out of the garage.  When we replace springs, we always use two because when one breaks, you can still get out of the garage with the other.  For the majority of doors, we use two springs when we replace them.  Single car garage doors usually only require one spring.  We encourage hi-cycled springs.  Springs can be made for 20,000 cycles which last twice as long as 10,000 cycle springs.  You can also order 30,000, 50,000 cycle springs.  We charge $399 for 10,000 cycle springs and $100 per 10,000 cycle increase.  When buying springs, save money and go high cycle!

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