Torsion springs!

If you have a sectional door, you have torsion springs.  Extension springs for sectional doors has gone by the wayside.  If you have torsion springs, they break periodically.  A regular torsion spring has a 10,000 cycle life.   A lift and close = 1 cycle.  When springs are new, they are strong and designed to lift the weight of the door.  A 7’ door has springs with 7 winds.   Each time you use the door, you lose a little spring tension.  That means that the weight transfers from the springs to the opener until the door feels very heavy.  This is the primary reason tune ups are important.  The opener parts wear out when pulling a heavy door.  A tune up includes adjusting the spring tension so the door is balanced again.  If you’ve gone through 10,000 cycles in four years, you might want to consider high cycling your springs so that your new springs have a 25,000 cycle life.  The added cost for the high cycle is much less than the cost of new torsion springs in the future, making it a very good investment for you.  People talk about oil rubbed vs galvanized springs.  Don’t worry, it’s all in the cycle life.  If they are rated the same, it doesn’t matter.  We usually use galvanized springs because they simply look better.