What Should Be Your Choice? Steel vs. Wood Garage Doors!

There are myriad of designs of garage doors suiting every budget. While making your materials choice, you have four options; wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.

1. Elegance and Aesthetic Look

If you are style-savvy, just as you like your entrance door to have curb appeal, you

might like to choose the style of your garage door to compliment the architectural style of your home.  If you aren’t sure what that style is,, call us, we’ll pull your house up on Google and tell you.  The wooden garage doors are absolutely stunning, but, if your budget is screaming, you still can have the wooden style with steel doors that mimic natural wood.  You can get doors ordered for ANY color, or multiple options of wood tones.  Many wood-like steel garage doors absolutely DO look like wood.  It truly is amazing.

2. Maintenance Cost

Wood garage doors that face West or East in SO CAL will have to protect their doors from the sun.  Wood doors look spectacular when they are new and freshly finished but they can become very ugly when they are not well maintained.  Consider refinishing your doors every 1-3 years.  Dark colored steel doors facing west or south may also need maintenance of the finish.  For steel doors, put car wax on them annually to slow down oxidation which is a white powder that accrues over time on west and south facing doors.  Mechanical maintenance is absolutely critical.  We recommend every two years.  We balance the springs, lube everything, check and adjust the motor and generally fix anything out of order that we find.

3. Return on Investment

Right now, wood doors in SO CAL return $119 for every $100 spent.  A beautiful, well made and selected garage door ADDS value to your home.  If you can afford it, you won’t regret it.  Design styles are virtually unlimited and manufacturer’s engineers make sure the safety and durability are intact for all custom wood doors.

We hope that by analyzing the pros and cons of steel and wood garage doors, you must have made your choice by now. It’s now time for you to start shopping. Call us to (818) 703-7462 or visit our website at https://www.dyersgaragedoors.com  .

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