When buying a new garage door, there are many considerations

When buying a new garage door, there are many considerations.  First and foundationally, you have to pick your material: steel, wood, glass, fiberglass.  In each of these materials, there are myriad choices for you to make. 

  1. Steel is the lease expensive and most versatile choice.  There are dozens of design options in this category, most of which look stunning. 
  2. Of course, wood is the MOST versatile and highest maintenance door sold.  We do not recommend wood doors for south or western exposures; the high sun makes maintenance a regular part of life.  These doors look absolutely gorgeous when they are new.  A poorly finished or poorly maintained door looks as bad as a well maintained door looks good.  My heart hurts when I see a wood door in disrepair!  Such a waste!!! 
  3. Glass doors are unbelievable.  They come in hundreds of powder coated color options.  The most popular are clear anodized (clear is the color of the aluminum that it is framed with), dark bronze, black and white.  The glass comes in a variety of colors too!  Right now, black glass and black rails are the thing out here in sunny California! 
  4. Fiberglass doors are very, very tough and strong.  Handball is OK on these doors.  They come finished and are excellent for the beach!  They run higher than wood, so when you call, brace yourself!

We love our jobs and get great satisfaction in helping clients choose the best door for their homes!  Call Dyer’s today!