Why Should You Conduct Garage Door Maintenance Bi-Annually?

A garage door is the largest, heaviest moving object in your home. Garage doors Have to function multiple times daily and are built with many moving parts that require maintenance. You can increase the durability of your garage door by incorporating biannual maintenance for it.

Why is the bi-annual conduction of garage door maintenance essential?

There are several benefits that you can enjoy by making sure that your garage door is maintained bi-annually. Here, in California, the earth has a lot of liquifaction (loose soil that becomes liquified during an earthquake).  That liquifaction means that our houses shift slightly seasonally and this slight shift is important to correct for in the often moving garage door.  Doors drift out of optimal alignment and every couple of years, we need to make adjustments so they stay fluid and quiet.  Additionally, your door is lifted by heavy torsion springs.  Each time the spring is used to lift and close your door, you loose a little spring tension and more weight is transferred to the opener.  When you get a tune up, we adjust spring tension and transfer the weight back to the springs vs. the motor.  So, if you don’t tune up the door, you will eventually wear out both the door and motor.

Here are a few broad points, of many more reasons, on why you should conduct garage door maintenance biannually:

  1. Save Money: The bi-annual maintenance will help you get rid of issues with your garage door that could have gotten worse with time, and save money by paying less to skilled professionals and equipment, rather than spending a huge amount on a new garage door itself.
  2. Decrease Risk of Injuries: If your garage door is malfunctioning, then there is a high risk that it may cause you injuries if you try to manipulate it. If your door gets jammed, do not continue to operate it, CALL A PROFESSIONAL. Regular maintenance ensures that you are much less likely to suffer from such safety hazards. 100% of all injuries happen when a homeowner keeps manipulating a broken door.  This is the most dangerous thing you can do, so please save yourself and CALL US!
  3. During the bi-annual maintenance, the professionals can look deeply into any big to small problems that your garage door might be facing. From loose bolts, loose springs and cables, to squeaky hinges, everything is taken care of.
  4. One Time Repair: A bi-annual maintenance also helps you get rid of small inconvenient check-ups throughout the year, which will eventually cost you more and might not be able to solve the problems that your garage door might be facing.


Now that you are aware of all the benefits you can get out of maintaining your garage door biannually, it is time to make a wise decision and incorporate this idea into real life. This decision will benefit not only your house but also your family.