When I bought my business 22 years ago, the first thing I did was replace my garage doors. I installed doors with windows and it was the best thing I could have done. The garage didn’t have any other natural light source and having the light from the garage doors was great! After the new doors were installed, it took me weeks to stop trying to turn off the light switch in the garage. It was so bright in the garage that my body thought the lights were on. 

I’ve lived in several houses since then and have never installed a door without windows. I’m always amazed at the dramatic difference in the garage between light and no light. With the light you can see. When you open the house door to the garage, everything is visible. If you have a washer and dryer in the garage, to me it is crucial to have windows. Imagine a lack of darkness! It’s lovely.

With my tens of thousands of customers at this point, I have NEVER had a client regret getting windows. I often have clients asking how much windows are after they have installed a windowless garage door. It’s more than double, so the time to do it is when you get your new garage door.

The aesthetic look of windows can’t be beat. Don’t worry about yellowing, ours don’t do that. Our window options include designs that carry the design look of your house through to the garage door, for a uniform, complete look. There are dozens of styles to choose from and one is surely designed to compliment your style.

If you are concerned about prying eyes, order obscure glass; a type of glass that lets all of the light in but through which you can not see. It’s an inexpensive option and may give you the comfort you seek while giving you the light that you need. 

Shine on!

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