Wood-Like Steel Garage Doors

Most manufactures now are making steel garage doors to simulate the look of wood. They are incredible and fill a real need. They have the beauty of wood without the maintenance headaches, the high price, or the heavy weight. 

Real wood doors are not good for people whose garages face west or south. The sun beats unrelentingly on them and they require a lot of diligent maintenance to maintain their original look. Also, wood doors in some climates dry out too much and crack. For a beautiful wood look, clients now can turn to wood-like steel doors that are lighter and require much less maintenance than real wood garage doors, and they can cost less too! The wood-like doors look gorgeous and are designed to thrive in our community’s weather. We carry all of the different wood-like samples and can help you choose the stained look that matches your house.

Wood-like doors come in a variety of pattern styles too, from the most common raised panel to the contemporary zen-like smooth flush, and of course Mediterranean designs. 

When you call us for a new garage door, think about what type of door you want. Check out our web site in the non-traditional steel gallery to see lots of choices. Look around the neighborhood. Take pictures of what you like and email them to us. 

If you are uncertain of style or budget, just ask us! We can give quotes over the phone. Our website and those of the manufacturers have hundreds of photos of doors grouped by style and color. We are very glad to (in fact we LOVE to!) walk you through it while we discuss the style of door and the architectural style of your house. Our garage door experts will meet with you in person to help you decide what type of door is just right for you. We do our best to be as informative and helpful as possible. With so many choices available today, buying a new garage door can be a complicated process. Let us make it easier for you.

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    Request a ServiceServing customers with honesty and integrity since 1969