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Business Philosophy

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"When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world."† George Washington Carver

I recently read this quote and thought, "Ah ha!† That's what we try to do!"

I'm not sure we're ever going to command the attention of the world, but we strive to deserve the attention of our clients by doing our jobs to the best of our ability for every call, every day.† We strive to have an excellent reputation amongst our peers and†clients.† It is important as a business owner that I not only focus on profit but that I focus on the quality of care.† I enjoy knowing that our guys are doing the best work out there.†

Each of us, (whether we articulate it or not), has a philosophy. This determines how we act in any given situation. It is the pathway that guides us along in life.

Businesses have a philosophy too. It shows in everything they do. Call and hear how they answer the phone, for example. Do they rush through the greeting trying to slam you to the next person? Is there any warmth? Do they seem to care that youíve called? Are you able to get your questions resolved? Do they transfer any time pressure onto you so that you feel rushed as you speak? Most major corporations, even those that are in the communications industry, require you to wade through ridiculous telephone trees and deal with employees who have almost zero accountability and have even less knowledge. Itís amazing to me, a relative old timer, that this low level of service is what we have become accustomed to. What I find really amazing is that after one of these types of calls, they want me to waste even more of my time doing a survey of the outcome of the call.

Business philosophies have changed markedly in this last two decades. Itís all about the bottom line and absolutely nothing else. With us, we focus on everything else and the bottom line takes care of itself. Referrals are free! We work hard to earn them. With small businesses, every single customer is very important. Thereís lots of competition so when we offer the same prices, we have to offer better service. This is why I love and support small businesses as often as I can. Utilizing local small businesses is definitely a part of my personal philosophy. They are the haven you can still go to and get knowledgeable, caring service. You matter with a small business. Of course, it has to be the right small business, so there is some due diligence required. Itís easy to check reviews on line, of course, the more the better. I suggest you keep your business local with the experts who care about you and greatly value you as a customer. Call us today!

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