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New Year's Resolution

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Happy New Year!

Rebirth! A Fresh Start! Anything is possible! I feel empowered to change! This is actually true everyday, but for some reason in the New Year we make firm commitments to ourselves to make a change or two in our lives. I actually donít think any of the life changing things Iíve done in my life have begun in the New Year. Theyíve all begun on just a day when I thought, ďEnough!Ē Enough of the negative impact of doing things that donít serve me well: I quit smoking when I woke up one day in my 30s. I quit biting my finger nails on another day in the same decade. In my late 40s, I began the process of losing 60 lbs by just walking on the treadmill one day (four years later, I hike 20-30 miles per week!). One day I just decided that I didnít want to be an employee, I needed to be an employer and I bought this business (22 years ago). One dayÖjust like any other except I decided to make one change and stick with it. I have more personal goals now related to ageing gracefully and with kindness. 22 years later, I love my customers and I love what I do. Who ever thought garage doors would turn out to be so satisfying? Itís such a wonderful life and we have so much power in it.

Make a change. Your garage door is usually the most prominent thing people see when they notice your home. Make it a good first impression. A new door is so amazingly inexpensive when considering all the other home related expenses. A new, good quality door is less expensive than most refrigerators! Of course, if you want your garage door to make a more distinct aesthetic statement, explore your options! Itís interesting to me that people will spend thousands on a beautiful new wood entry door, then spend a little as possible on the garage door which is usually a more prominent feature on your home. A unique garage door can add tremendous value to your home. A recent Home Improvement Magazine said that mid-level garage doors have an 85% return on investment. That makes perfect sense to me. When you see a house with the right garage door, itís a thing of beauty.

Make a change today and for yourself. Stick with it. One day turns into another and soon youíll be living a different life. One change and one day at a time.

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