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Spring Cleaning? Include Your Garage Door

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Hereís how to give your garage door the TLC it needs for the upcoming summer weather:

1) Test the door. Is it too heavy or too light? If itís too heavy, itís dangerous. If itís too light, the door might spring up too fast, also making it dangerous. How to tell: put the door on manual operation and lift it gently to about mid thigh position. Let go and immediately step back. If the door goes down, the springs need more tension, if it goes up, the springs need less tension. If it stays in the middle, itís perfectly balanced and you can move on to step two!

2) Visually inspect your door. Sweep out the cobwebs and take a look. Are the rollers worn? Is the pivot point in the hardware worn? On one piece doors, see if there are cracks in the wood above and below every area that has a screw in it. Donít forget to inspect where the garage door rail attaches to the header. If the wood looks good, on to step three!

3) Lube, lube, lube. Lube all moving parts. Use silicone spray, not WD-40. It lasts longer. If you have a screw drive opener it is crucial that you use low-temp lubriplate to lube the screw (NO other). Be careful! In the hot summer months, it can drip so run your opener and wipe off any excess lube. Youíre almost done!

4) Check the weather seal. If you donít have bottom seal for your wood door, pick some up at one of the home store and install it yourself. You might be able to do the same with sectional seal, although they arenít all universal, so you might have to call a pro. After youíve installed the bottom weather seal, youíre just about there.

5) Have a beer, youíre done!

Congratulations! Youíve given your door a great boost to lengthen the life of the door and opener. If your door is too light or too heavy, call us and weíll do the rest!

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