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Why Get A New Garage Door?

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Do you know what the #2 return on investment for home remodeling projects is? Kitchens? Bathrooms? NO, it’s GARAGE DOORS! When you buy a mid-priced garage door, you get between 73 & 84% BACK in added value to your home! That makes a garage door investment one of the smartest and least expensive additions to your home. By the way, #1 is for a new entry door.

For the first time, Professional Builder Magazine broke out garage doors into a separate category and they have now documented what we, in the industry, have known for years: a garage door is a great investment. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense: what are the two things people see when they pull up to your house? They see your garage door and your entry door. Make a good impression. Want a quick real estate sale? Upgrade the garage door! You’ll get the money right back!

It always makes me a little sad when I see a beautiful home with the cheapest garage doors on them. In construction, some door and openers are called “contractor’s grade”. Translated, that means the absolute cheapest functioning door and opener they can install on your home and I see them everywhere. I often see million dollar homes with a $599 garage door on them! Sad. Disappointing.

Don’t buy your door from a contractor: he’ll mark it up significantly while he works me (a garage door dealer) for the cheapest door I can give him. You wind up buying the door from me anyway, but now you’ve paid a pricy mark up. Use that difference to buy a better door. Go with a garage door company. Buy direct. You can get a much better door and really make an aesthetic statement that compliments your house and increases its value.

Now, you can call a garage door company, upload a picture of your house, and insert different garage doors into it. You have complete design versatility. Call an expert and invest in your home. Buy a door that you can be proud of! Call us today!

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