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Dyer’s Garage Doors Calabasas installs beautiful new garage doors in Calabasas in several different categories. Our garage doors are all of high quality, and are installed with care and precision. Whichever category of garage door you select, it will enhance the curb appeal of your home in Calabasas dramatically. The types of doors are arranged here by price range, so you can find doors to fit any budget. There are links to the gallery of photographs for each group. Find the one you like, then call us for a free estimate in your home in Calabasas TODAY!!

Almond Long Panel Solid Door

These doors run from $500 (for a single car garage) to up to $2000 for a steelback insulated 16 x 7 garage door with windows.  These doors are durable, beautiful and built to last for decades.  You can insulate them, add windows, and get them in three different panel styles: short panel (Colonial), long panel (Ranch), flush panel (Contemporary).  They come in four colors and can be ordered in many different sizes besides 16 x 7 (pricing varies). These doors usually take from 1 day to 3 weeks from order to installation, depending on size, style, & color.

Hemlock Raised Panel Door with Mirrored Glass

These beautiful wood raised panel garage doors can be made from paint grade or stain grade material. If you’re a lover of real wood, you can’t go wrong with these doors. Raised panel wood doors are the most economical choice for wood garage doors, at less than half the cost of many custom carriage style wood garage doors. With all wood doors, we recommend regular maintenance, and a fresh protective top coat every 2 to 3 years. These doors take about 3 weeks from order to installation. 

Coachman Steel Door

These are steel doors that come in a variety of styles.  They come in solid color, two-tone, or wood grain finish that looks spectacular.  The wood grain option offers all the beauty of wood without the maintenance.  They are gorgeous.  Remodeling Magazine recently reported that garage doors in this price range have a 110% ROI (return on investment).  That means that for every dollar you spend, 110% of that is added directly to the value of your home.  That’s a higher ROI than a bathroom or kitchen remodel, making it one of the smartest moves you can make for your house.   Having a door like this on a house is the way to go when you want a quick sale.  These doors take from 2 to 6 weeks from order to installation.

Ranch House Door with Speakeasies

These doors can be made in any design you like. .For example, you can take a picture of your front door and we’ll make a garage door to match! When you are making a garage door to an architect’s or designer’s specs, these are the doors we use. We’ll be glad to help with design recommendations. These doors can be made in paint grade or stain grade materials. We can also make wood doors with glass panels (very zen). Every custom wood door is made to order, and every one we do is a unique creation. Generally, these doors take from 3 to 5 weeks from order to installation.

Elegant 2 across Glass White Lami Bronze

These stunning and modern garage doors can be made in a variety of options. The aluminum and glass doors can have rails in any color, and glass in a variety of colors, opacity, and panel layouts. Stainless steel and copper flush doors make a dramatic high-end statement. If you have a contemporary home and the right budget, these doors will make your curb appeal explode! These doors take about 4 weeks from order to installation.

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