Our Exclusive Optional PLATINUM Lifetime Warranty $399 For New Garage Doors

Dyers Garage Doors is proud to offer this PLATINUM lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of any brand of garage door that is purchased from and installed by Dyer’s Garage Doors. This warranty assures that the system will operate free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the garage door. Dyer’s Garage Doors will repair or replace required sections, any defective component of the garage door hardware, and any broken springs, subject to the terms below. This warranty extends to normal usage when the garage door is installed by Dyer’s Garage Doors and is maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s written instructions. The proper operation of the garage door is dependent upon the original purchaser’s compliance with the instructions regarding proper operation and periodic testing of the system. These warranties do not apply to any damage or deterioration caused by abuse or misuse, mechanical modifications, vandalism or acts of nature such as: earthquake, fire or flood.

Door Sections and Hardware:

This warranty is an extension of the selected door manufacturer’s written warranty and is intended to support any statements made in that warranty. This warranty does not apply to failure of after market paint, alterations and/or additions to the door or atmospheric conditions, including but not limited to areas subject to water runoff from lead, copper, or galvanized metal flashing, atmospheric issues such as areas subject to excessive salt atmosphere, or areas subject to fallout or exposure to corrosive chemicals, fumes, ash cement dust, animal waste, or foreign substances. Discoloration or deterioration of window frames, glass or weather stripping are not included in this warranty.

This warranty includes all hardware originally installed with the door: track, hinges, cables, torsion tube, struts, rollers and springs. This warranty does not apply to damage of hardware caused by improper operation or care, malfunction of electric openers, unauthorized repairs or alterations to these items, any consequential damage caused to the door sections or hardware as a result of these occurrences. This warranty is voided if the garage door is serviced by anyone other than Dyer’s Garage Doors.


This warranty covers the labor involved in replacing defective parts or materials under this Platinum Warranty at no additional cost.

Limitation of Damages:

The sole remedy for failure of any warranty item listed above, which Dyer’s Garage Doors will decide at its sole discretion, shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the specified part or parts of the complete garage door by Dyer’s Garage Doors. In circumstances where repair or replacement is impractical, a refund or credit for the purchase price of the defective part will be issued. In no event shall Dyer’s Garage Doors be liable for ancillary damage to personal property, or for special, consequential, incidental or punitive damages arising in connection with the use, or inability to use the complete garage door system, whether said claim arises out of this warranty, contract or any other theory of liability.

Essentially, what we are saying is that we will stand by our installation and the manufacturer’s product warranty for the duration of the purchaser’s life in the house. To maintain this warranty, you must have your door maintained, at your expense, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and we are not responsible for anything that happens outside of our workmanship and the manufacturer’s materials warranty as detailed above.

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